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Suggested Donations

1 lb bag of Rice

1 lb bag of Beans

Canned vegetables (carrots, mixed vegetables)

Canned Potatoes

Boxed Potatoes

Canned Soup (Beef, Chicken, Vegetable)

Cooking Soups (Cream Mushroom, Cream of Chicken)

Canned Meat (Tuna, Ham, Chicken)


Pasta Sauce

Non-refrigerated milk/Instant milk

Boxed/Bagged Cereal


Pancake Mix


Peanut Butter


Cornbread mix

Boxes (small or medium sized only...Please not larger than 14x12x12)

Items in               denotes urgent need

food pantry.jpg

Donations are accepted in the church office Mon - Thurs. 9am to Noon

To make a financial donation click here ->

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