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Suggested Donations

1 lb bag of Rice

1 lb bag of Beans

Canned vegetables (carrots, mixed vegetables)

Canned Potatoes

Boxed Potatoes

Canned Soup** (Beef, Chicken, Vegetable)

Cooking Soups (Cream Mushroom, Cream of Chicken)

Canned Meat (Tuna, Ham, Chicken)**


Pasta Sauce

Non-refrigerated milk/Instant milk**

Boxed/Bagged Cereal


Pancake Mix


Peanut Butter**


Cornbread mix

Boxes (small or medium sized only...Please not larger than 14x12x12)**

** denotes urgent need**

BOL FP.jpg

Donations are accepted in the church office Mon - Thurs. 9am to Noon

To make a financial donation click here ->

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