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Volunteers Packing Food

Serving our La Porte community members who need food assistance. Volunteers are welcomed and needed to support this ministry!

Contact Christy Martinez  |  Tel: 281-471-0338


Students grades 7th - 12th to get connected, have fun, and learn what it means to walk in obedience following Christ. 

Contact Mo Villareal  |  Tel: 281-471-0338

Nursey & Children's church Sunday Mornings at 10am! For information for your child or to volunteer please contact Bronwyn Dobbins.

Contact Bronwyn Dobbins | Tel: 281-471-0338

Gatherings and Activities for seniors ages 50+. Keep Moving & Praying!

Contact Coach Wayne Teutsch |  Tel: 281-471-0338

Worship Ministry

 Love to sing, play an instrument, or run A/V equipment? Reach out to Hailey Gill on how to partner with our Worship Team. 

Contact Hailey Gill | Tel: 281-471-0338

Three generations of women

Where women connect to do life together and navigate the messy world of womanhood! 

Contact : 281-471-0338


Gathering of young adults and college students aged 18-40. Dig into God's Word and apply it to today's struggles of adulthood. 

Contact Bronwyn or Kanyon Dobbins 

Tel: 281-471-0338

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